The Bare-Boned and Beautiful!!!

The Fine Art of Nude Photography

By Artist

John Lewis Rushing Jr.

Armenia Art Fair 2019

Behind the scenes of Armenia Art Fair 2019 at the Yerevan Expo Represented by Bravado Fine Arts & Appraisals.

[Video Clip] Armenia Art Fair 2019 (mov)


"Nude Art L.A. 2019"

Behind the scenes of the setting up of Nude Art L.A. 2019.

[Video Clip] "Nude Art L.A." (MOV)


Signature Gallery Collection/Custom Engravings

Custom  Plate Engraving for Limited Signature Pieces, Includes Company Name, Medium, Size, Title of Piece, and Credits 

{Video Clip] Custom Engravings Sample (MOV)


Freshly Finished Custom Frames

Newly Framed Pieces for Gallery Events and Sales... 

Custom Framing by Hayk Amirkhanyan of Anga Fine Arts... 

These babies are all wrapped up and ready to go.

[Video Clip] New Custom Frames Wrapped For Transporting (mov)


Fine Art Nude Premium Canvas Prints

About the Photographer




I am the Photographer and the Proprietor of Muse Evolution Photography LLC. 

My name is John Lewis Rushing Jr and I reside in Los Angeles, California area in the heart of the San Fernando Valley.

I am a Los Angeles Based Independent Freelance Photographer with a passion for Nude Photography in a wide scope of genres from Fine Art to Fetish Erotic Works. 

My passion has taken me from being a Locally Based Photographer, to Transcontinental Photographer, and well into an Internationally Touring Photographer working with highly published Artist Globally creating Nude Imagery that I hope is artistically inspirational, controversial, and manifest a spark within the hearts of all whom are famished for "The Nude" and are fond of Nature and Abandons.



I purposefully immersed myself into the sea of building Muse Evolution Photography LLC with the distinct notion to create images intended for Gallery, Art Collectors, Curators, as well as to put into Publication a Limited Collection of my photography into  Print  and distribution of Nude Art Photography Books.

I also have created other Merchandise such as Canvases, Posters, Memorabilia, and Apparel.

 Muse Evolution Photography LLC Store will continue to seek Creatives in this industry to collaborate with to cultivate premium works in Art Nude genres, various themes, in locations around the World in the frame of my lenses.

Nude Genres:


Fine Art Nudes






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